Multicultural diversity

SEO: UMD student draws on diversity for Discovery Communications

UMD student explains how a key feature will shape the future of the public relations industry, specifically for Discovery Communications, and gives valuable tips for maintaining equilibrium in the field.

Shaping the future of public relations

Diversity is more than just variations of cultures, or races, or heritage. Diversity is about channeling the rhythms of each human being into a multifaceted, tightly woven tapestry whose strength emerges from the abilities and talents of each individual.

Diversifying diversity’s definition

Traditionally, white women have dominated the public relations industry, and white men have held executive positions. We must integrate other cultures and men’s and women’s roles in the industry. We also must look past the externals of dominant skin colors and learn to appreciate the valuable variations of thought and perspective that each individual brings to the table.

I chose to attend the University of Maryland partially because I believe I can learn from the cultural and individual perspectives each person displays. As a Jewish student who speaks conversational Hebrew, I offer valuable skills and perspectives that will be useful to Discovery’s international broadcast and communications work.


Building a diverse community

To hear the voices of minorities, employers should actively seek to promote women to executive positions to allow for a more diverse approach to problem-solving. This new dynamic will create a stronger community where everyone’s voice

is valuable and heard. Discovery Communications is committed to valuing each employee’s unique point of view and to hiring employees that represent the culturally rich communities the organization serves, and as an intern, I can add diversity to the group with my culture and by speaking another language.

Breaking cultural communication barriers

When speaking about people of color, Poynter and SPJ recommend using the term “black” instead of “African-American.” The author should ask a source how to refer to his or her ethnicity. Unless the subject specifies otherwise, the author should use “black.” “African-American” refers to individuals who are originally from Africa. When in doubt, accuracy is best.


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