Social media strategy

SEO: Using Pinterest, Zeebly and Google to get Discovery running

Battle of the media

As students approaching the workforce, it is essential that we increase our online presence to show employers like Discovery we are well-versed with social media and PR marketing. In this post:

  • Two tips explain well-kept secrets in getting your name out there
  • One website evaluates your online performance
  • Stay tuned for best ways to monitor the media to benefit yourself and your career!


Pinning it tight

Many people don’t know about or use Pinterest, a social media site where users post photos they like. Get on this site to show employers you know how to use up-and-coming social media, and because it is invitation-only so there may be a long waiting list. According to the Huffington Post, the site has seen a 900 percent increase in users since September 2009.

Creating a photo contest for people to document their shark photos during Shark Week is a fun way to get people involved with Discovery.

Logging the blogging

Blogging is like the best way for professionals to increase their personal online presence, because blogs are free and they allow individuals to express their opinion and showcase professional work.

Zeebly is also a great metric for individuals and companies to measure online presence and performance. The website explains which information is most popular, and we can use this data to gauge which content is most popular with target audiences.

Staying alert

Finally, it is important to also monitor traditional media, because many Americans are still tuning into television, radio and movies for entertainment. Discovery Channel has a strong television presence, and their shows are really popular.

Incorporating social media with traditional media is the best way to monitor the latter channels. For example, encouraging Facebook posts and Tweets during television shows is a good way to see people’s reactions and opinions of traditional media.


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